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Doug Reilly

When I created this blog I decided to make it entirely technical.  No personal comments about what I was doing, etc.

I’ve decided to make an exception.

Last year I created a small software product, and as a result I was briefly in contact with Doug.  He asked me a series of questions and the resulting interview was published on-line.  He seemed like a nice chap, but I thought no more of it.

Next time I heard of him was in an excellent piece he wrote about how to deal with customers/clients/employers when you have cancer.  Solid, sound, practical advice.

He died yesterday.  I for one want to mark his passing.  The world is poorer for his absence.

Article: The UpdatePanel opened: what happens behind the scenes?

I’ve just had an article published on DotNetSlackers about what happens behind the UpdatePanel.

“The UpdatePanel is one of the coolest features of Microsoft’s ASP.NET AJAX. It magically lets you enhance your web sites with AJAX goodness, with very little cost to you as a developer. If you are like me though, you’ll be feeling just a little bit uncomfortable simply dragging the UpdatePanel onto your web form, and then letting it do its stuff. We want to understand what it is doing on our behalf.

In this article I’ll walk through what happens in the browser when an UpdatePanel updates. You’ll see what events are fired, what intervention points there are where you can intercept the action, and generally get a feel for the sequence of events.”

More at

Uploaded presentation: Enhance Your Web Applications with AJAX Control Extenders

The presentation I gave last night in Zurich on ASP.NET AJAX and Control extenders on was very well attended,  — some great feedback too.  Thank you to all those that turned out so close to Christmas!

Atif gave a very good presentation before mine, on REST, JSON, Jayrock and more.  Some thought-provoking stuff. 

Many thanks also to Atif for organizing the event, and Digicomp/Matt Fasola for hosting it.

My presentation can be downloaded here.  The real content was in the demos though.

Presentation for Swiss .NET group on 18th Dec 2006: Enhance Your Web Applications by Using and Building ASP.NET AJAX Control Extenders

I’ll be presenting in Zurich, Switzerland at 7:30pm on 18th Dec:

In a presentation consisting almost entirely of live demonstrations, you’ll not only see how you can easily use Microsoft’s AJAX Control Extenders to make your web sites more responsive and interactive, but also how you can package up your existing JavaScript into reusable control extenders. This is not just about eye-candy, but rather about making your web applications easier and quicker to use.

Full details here:

Anyone can attend, at no charge.