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Ploze 0.7.6 released (Windows Mobile Evernote Client)

You can now:

  • Limit the synchronization size (in terms of note size, or last modification)
  • Choose which notebooks to display
  • Choose to download notes whose contents were not synchronized
  • Sort notes by Title, Size, Last Update, Creation date
  • Choose into which notebook new notes are placed


  • A bug where strangely named attachments caused ploze to not synchronize has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug causing large notes not to display properly
  • You can now select the notebook to display on the main note list (notes from all notebooks are displayed by default)
  • Added GPS support when creating a new note, which can be enabled under “Options”

I’ve also shared some thoughts on what might come next (think an Andoid version): look for “Plans and purpose for Ploze …”

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Just released Ploze: An Windows Mobile Evernote client

With what I think is stunning timing, just as Microsoft announced they are taking their mobile development in a different direction with Windows Phone 7, I’ve just released a new Windows Mobile product I’ve created called Ploze, which works with an existing service called Evernote .

Evernote is a fantastic notes service, with killer features, such recognizing text in image notes, meaning that those notes are found when you search for words in the image text.

There are plenty of Evernote clients offered by Evernote , including clients for Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile.

The official Evernote provided Windows Mobile client comes with some restrictions – it works by connecting to the online Evernote service – it doesn’t store notes locally and let you work offline.

Necessity being the mother of invention, I decided to create a client that works as I would like it to, and yesterday I released it.

Available at