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Screencast: Testing, Mocking and Dependency Injection: more than just buzz-words

This 40 minute screencast covers unit testing, mocking, dependency injection, and inversion of control.

The idea is again that this will be is very much a hands-on, practical screencast.  Not technology for its own sake, but reviewing how and why these concepts evolved, and how they can be used in practice.

I’m not a TDD (Test Driven Development) fanatic, I don’t think we should always have 100% code coverage with our tests, but I do think there is a lot of value in testing, and in making our code testable.

The screencast is available here

Screencast intro to VS 2008 & .NET 3.5

I recently gave a presentation at work introducing some of the new features of VS 2008 and .NET 3.5.  No slides, just code.  And no pre-prepared chunks of code that are pasted into the editor either – everything written by hand.

In this 40 minute screencast I blast through Automatic Properties, Collection Initializers (Lists & Dictionaries), Implicit Typing, Anonymous Types, Extensions Methods, “Normal” Delegates, Anonymous Delegates, a natural evolution of delegates to Lambda expressions, Linq to objects using method chaining, Linq to objects using the natural Linq syntax, and finally Linq to XML.

Download or watch the screencast here:

My PDC 2008 “Show Off” entry: Using .NET code injection to do the seemingly impossible

Having come third in the first event "Show Off" entry, for PDC 2005, I decided to submit an entry for the 2008 PDC.

I decided to base my entry on a .NET code injection blog article I’d written a couple of months ago.  I got a very positive response from the people running the contest, although on the night I didn’t actually win.

I missed the showing of my entry because I was attending a dinner thrown by Microsoft Switzerland for the people that attended the PDC from Switzerland.

In any event, here is my entry:


Screencast: Introduction to AJAX, ASP.NET AJAX and the AJAX Control Toolkit

Last Tuesday I gave a presentation in Geneva on ASP.NET AJAX and the AJAX Control toolkit, and this morning I created a one hour screencast of the presentation available here .

I tried to make it useful for someone that has at least dabbled in ASP or ASP.NET, and wants a quick bootstrap into Microsoft’s AJAX offerings.

 It includes introductions to:

  • AJAX
  • ASP.NET AJAX including coding demos of the UpdatePanel (including a look behind the scenes), Web Services, and the JavaScript extensions
  • The AJAX Control Toolkit including coding demos of using a couple of the control extenders
  • Creating AJAX Control Extenders including a coding demo of creating your own extenders

It is encoded at quite a high level of compression so the sound is a little distorted but perfectly understandable.

Note:I recorded this around 6am this morning, and around 55 minutes into it my three year old and five year old sons decided to make their own (very sweet) contributions to the screencast — please forgive my momentary distraction, and when you hear me tell my three year old that he can take the money he found: he is  talking about two small coins I gave him yesterday.  This is not an attempt at bribary (honest!).

Many thanks to Atif Aziz and Dominique Kuster for organizing last week’s presentation, and Dicomp Acadamy Suisse Romande for hosting it.