I live near Geneva in Switzerland, and speak English (mother tongue) and French. I enjoy talking at conferences and meetups.

Talk Event Date
Juggling technology, timing and customers as a solo entrepreneur Romandy CTO Meetup Group Mar 2024
The challenges and joys of successful independent app development (MRB #51) Mobile Romandie Beer Feb 2024
Using Swift and SwiftUI as well as Xamarin (not instead of) Kerry Lothrop’s DevTalk podcast Oct 2020
Is programming really the epitome of creativity? International Symposium: The Real-World Impact of Creativity in Education, Organisations, and Society, Geneva, Switzerland Dec 2019
Microsoft’s Xamarin is open-source, cross-platform, a joy to use. MCE Conference, Warsaw, Poland Jun 2018
iOS and Android and C# and Xamarin These are a few of my favorite things App Builders, Lausanne, Switzerland Apr 2017
Building cross-platform native apps with Xamarin .NET Users Group Geneva Sep 2016
When buzzwords collide: Combining Wearables and Virtual Reality on Android App Builders, Zurich, Switzerland Apr 2016
Wearables- What Worked? Where are we now? What’s next? Mobicamp, Bern, Switzerland Nov 2015
What is it like to build for Wearable devices? Soft-shake, Geneva, Switzerland Oct 2014
Evernote and Wearables: A Perfect Match Evernote Conference, San Francisco Sep 2014
Extending your app to your wrist: lessons from the front Droidcon, Paris Sep 2014
Under the covers of a successful wearable app 33rd Degree Conference, Krakow, Poland Jun 2014
Keynote panel on wearables Open Mobile Summit, London May 2014
Evernote and Wearable devices - what have we done, what could we do? Mobile Central Europe, Poland Jan 2014
Constraints foster creativity: Pebble watch app development Softshake, Geneva Oct 2013
Hacking with the Evernote API for fun and profit Reaktor, Helsinki Oct 2013
Keynote on Evernote (blog post) by:Larm Tech, Oslo Feb 2013
Evernote: Where has it come from? Where is it going? Can I build on its success? Geneva Tech Meetup, Geneva Oct 2012
Building Awesome Apps with Evernote Le Web 2011, Paris Dec 2011
Developing the Evernote Windows Phone Client Evernote Trunk Conference, San Francisco Aug 2011
Enhance Your Web Applications by Using and Building ASP.NET AJAX Control Extenders .NET Users Group, Geneva Feb 2007
Enhance Your Web Applications by Using and Building ASP.NET AJAX Control Extenders .NET Users Group, Zurich Dec 2006
Microsoft “Speaker Idol” finalist TechEd Barcelona Nov 2006
J2EE Interoperability through pure Java .NET Remoting Microsoft Architect’s Roundtable, San Francisco Dec 2003
J2EE to .NET Remoting Microsoft J2EE Interoperability Boot Camp, Seattle Nov 2002
Embedded Java Access to COM-Based Enterprise Systems Embedded Systems Conference, Stuttgart Oct 2001
Using J-Integra with AppServer to Integrate COM-CORBA-EJB Applications 12th Annual Inprise/Borland Conference Jul 2001
Using J-Integra with Inprise AppServer to Integrate COM/CORBA/EJB Apps 11th Annual Inprise/Borland Conference Jul 2000
Using J-Integra with JBuilder to Integrate COM/Java Applications 11th Annual Inprise/Borland Conference Jul 2000
Advanced WWW Development and Integration (4 day course created and delivered by myself) 30-40 times, world-wide 1996-1998
Introduction to Java (2 day course created and delivered by myself) 20-30 times, world-wide 1996-1998