Screencast: Introduction to AJAX, ASP.NET AJAX and the AJAX Control Toolkit

Last Tuesday I gave a presentation in Geneva on ASP.NET AJAX and the AJAX Control toolkit, and this morning I created a one hour screencast of the presentation available here .

I tried to make it useful for someone that has at least dabbled in ASP or ASP.NET, and wants a quick bootstrap into Microsoft’s AJAX offerings.

 It includes introductions to:

  • AJAX
  • ASP.NET AJAX including coding demos of the UpdatePanel (including a look behind the scenes), Web Services, and the JavaScript extensions
  • The AJAX Control Toolkit including coding demos of using a couple of the control extenders
  • Creating AJAX Control Extenders including a coding demo of creating your own extenders

It is encoded at quite a high level of compression so the sound is a little distorted but perfectly understandable.

Note:I recorded this around 6am this morning, and around 55 minutes into it my three year old and five year old sons decided to make their own (very sweet) contributions to the screencast — please forgive my momentary distraction, and when you hear me tell my three year old that he can take the money he found: he is  talking about two small coins I gave him yesterday.  This is not an attempt at bribary (honest!).

Many thanks to Atif Aziz and Dominique Kuster for organizing last week’s presentation, and Dicomp Acadamy Suisse Romande for hosting it.

15 thoughts on “Screencast: Introduction to AJAX, ASP.NET AJAX and the AJAX Control Toolkit

  1. Ethem Azun

    Hi Damian,

    that was a great ajax intro! I found especially the extenders part to be very informative.



    PS: I couldn’t stop shouting over and over “no! there! cutoff!” 🙂

  2. dmehers

    Thanks Ethem — I’d like to say that typos are my way of getting getting audience participation 🙂

    Kenneth — good catch — I’ve changed the text to say MB instead of GB — might have put some people off!

  3. Edward Zeh

    Hi Damian.

    I just watched your presentation. It was a good
    introduction into the AJAX control kit. I also
    liked the free tool “Fiddler”, which I will use the
    next time when I develop a web-application. But the
    most useful thing I lernt from your presentation is the dot in http://localhost./xy, which forces the http-request to travel over the TCP/IP stack and that’s why
    fiddler is able to show the request.

    But there is one thing I would like to ask you.
    Is there a way to debug JavaScript-Code ? As far as
    I know Visual Studio can debug JavaScripts. Is there
    any other tool you can recommend to debug javascript ?
    In my opinion it is very time-consuming without debugger
    to find bugs in JavaScript.

    Thank you in advance for your answer.


  4. dmehers

    Hello Edward,

    As Kenneth suggests, Firebug is good. I also use Visual Studio. It is handy sometimes to insert “debugger;” into your JavaScript to force the debugger to pop up when you need it.

    One handy technique is to define an HTML TEXTAREA in your page with the ID “TraceConsole”. Then in your code you can use Sys.Debug.trace(“some message”) to log messages, which go to the TEXTAREA (and the console on FireFox).

    Another technique I’ve used, especially for situations where the running the debugger is likely to change the behaviour of the program I’m debugging, is to use my “tracejs” program which uses the debug API to trace all JavaScript code that executes: It has a massive performance impact though, so its only something I use “surgically”.


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  10. Ali

    Thanks for the presentation.
    Showing how someone can creat AJAX Control Extenders was very nice.

    PS: The voice was not clear, but not too bad.

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