MceFM released: addin for Windows Media Center

Over the last few months I’ve been working on an addin to Windows Media Center which lets you listen to based off of the artists in your music collection (you can also enter arbitrary artists names etc.).

I wanted it to work when the user wasn’t running the MceFM application within Media Center, which meant creating a background application and a normal application.  That way you can listen to songs and watch your photo collection (for example).

Also, the music streams don’t include the tags normally included in mp3 files, which let you see the track name, artist, album name, etc.  So what I did was to dynamically add these tags to the stream, which means that Media Center will shown all that information correctly.

All in all, a lot of fun to develop.  Now I just need to see if anyone cares 🙂

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9 thoughts on “MceFM released: addin for Windows Media Center

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  5. Tor

    Damian: Would you be willing to work with Jason of the uSirius project to figure out a way to stream Sirius to MCE?

    It seems like together you both have done all the work that would be required…

    uSirius is responsible for logging into the sirius web servers and it in turn serves standard audio feeds to a local network.

    If LastFM could be pointed to a local address and port that uSirius is running on and have it play the streams, that would rock! I’m sure it is more difficult than that, but it seems like both major challenges are done between the two programs…. just getting them to talk to eachother or perhaps helping Jason write his own version of LastFM for uSirius instead… anything would be helpful.

  6. moobekk

    Hi Damian,

    your MCE plugin is really great stuff!

    I was looking since ages for a working solution. Tried LastFMCE and many further things, but yours is definitely the best of all last.FM integrations for MCE.

    Congratulations and best regards from Germany


    BTW: Do you know the integration of MediaPortal?

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