BeebMC 2.0 released: Listen Again supported

I’ve just released a new version of BeebMC, adding support for "Listen Again":




If/when the BBC update their web site or RSS feeds then BeebMC will probably break — leave a comment and I’ll do what I can to fix it.  Many thanks to the BBC for making all this content available.

BeebMC is available here:

The Channels.xml file under C:\ProgramData\Atadore\BeebMC has been extended to include the URL for each channel’s RSS feed.  Feel free to edit it to add/remove/modify channels:

  <Description>BBC 1Xtra</Description>

I’m going to try to add extender support next.  Subscribe to the "BeebMC" category in my blog to be notified of updates:

10 thoughts on “BeebMC 2.0 released: Listen Again supported

  1. Steve

    Hey there,
    This add-on looks great, but it doesn’t seem to support 64bit Vista versions.

    Would this be something that you could look at so me and other 64bit users can take advantage of this cool add-on?

  2. dmehers

    Hi Steve,

    Yes I’ll put a 64 bit version together and post an update here when it is done. I’m currently on holiday and don’t have access to a 64 bit environment, but once I’m back I’ll build/test it. I don’t anticipate it being a big deal since this is a very straightforward app.


  3. doc

    Thank you very much for such an awesome plugin.

    Is there any way you can add CBC (Canadian Broadcasting corporation) radio to it. Its like BBC of Canada.

    Thank you

  4. gazzer82

    Any chance you could update this to install on TV Pack versions of media center? It looks really good and would be great to catch up on my Colin Murray on the TV.



  5. Ray

    Hi. I’m trying to use this app over here in the US (I don’t know if that would matter), but every time I go to Media Center and try to use it, it crashes, saying that it is an ‘Invalid Application.’ I am able to listen to the BBC radio programing with the streaming connection through Internet Explorer and Firefox. Any thoughts or ideas?


  6. Mat

    And the moral? Read previous posts first!!!! 🙂

    I’ll try with Framework 3.5. You would have thought MS would have come up with a better way for apps to discover the highest Framework version available 🙂


  7. Norman

    I picked up this thread researching how to write MCML in Windows 7. I watched your video on how you changed the sample app. I was looking for how you coded listen again as that structure applies to an add-in I am writing for myself for my recorded tv shows.


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