Cycling to work: give it some thought.

I started working for Cargill Energy at the beginning of 2009, and almost immediately decided to cycle the 23 km (14 miles) each way.    I live in a small village along lake Geneva in Switzerland, and work in Geneva itself. 

The cycle ride takes me along the lake road, through villages that date back to Roman times, and into Geneva itself.  A shortcut through the old part of the town gets me to Cargill around 6:40.  I take a shower and am at my desk at 7am.

It was tough to start with.  It was below freezing, dark, and the cycle paths had big chunks of ice welded to the ground. 

After a minute or two of cycling I go into auto-pilot and start thinking about stuff.  I usually regain consciousness an hour or so later when I’m at the office, and I find that I’ve generally made decisions.  Sometimes tough decisions about what I need to do to advance my career, what I need to propose to the team I’m in to help us work more effectively, but I also gain significant insight into how I could go about designing a piece of software I’m working on,

Two hours a day is a big chunk of time to spend commuting to work, but it really isn’t two hours spent exercising: its two hours spent thinking. And they are almost always the two most valuable hours of my working day.

3 thoughts on “Cycling to work: give it some thought.

  1. Siderite

    I totally agree with you. I also can’t wait to get a little warmer so I can get to the office by bike. I live in a crowded city, so I usually reach the office faster than any other means of transportation, including personal car. I don’t need a parking space, I can go anywhere, it keeps me fit… it’s bloody perfect!

  2. Paulo Ribeiro

    Yes, riding the bike to work is pretty cool and you feel good with yourself. And there a lot of people that spend more than two hours commuting inside a car, in the middle of traffic.
    I’ve tried, and I’ve only found one problem: Showering. There’s no shower where I work.

  3. Nourrédine

    Right. I have 32 Km to work and manage to cycle this once or twice a week and that’s just what you said, a lot of time for thoughts and when you get to work, your brain is faster and more agile. Unfortunately I cannot do it everyday ( I have 200mD+ on the way to work(1h00) and 600m+ to ride back(1h40) not so flat). We have showers at work si it’s perfect. And I would substract to the riding time, the time I usually spend in my car.


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