Ploze 0.7.6 released (Windows Mobile Evernote Client)

You can now:

  • Limit the synchronization size (in terms of note size, or last modification)
  • Choose which notebooks to display
  • Choose to download notes whose contents were not synchronized
  • Sort notes by Title, Size, Last Update, Creation date
  • Choose into which notebook new notes are placed


  • A bug where strangely named attachments caused ploze to not synchronize has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug causing large notes not to display properly
  • You can now select the notebook to display on the main note list (notes from all notebooks are displayed by default)
  • Added GPS support when creating a new note, which can be enabled under “Options”

I’ve also shared some thoughts on what might come next (think an Andoid version): look for “Plans and purpose for Ploze …”

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6 thoughts on “Ploze 0.7.6 released (Windows Mobile Evernote Client)

  1. zetalaki

    “A bug where strangely named attachments ”
    not only attachements, but notes with accented characters in their tags or titles (don’t know exactly which option): still got this first sync problem. I suspect it has to do with accented characters. As I am Hungarian, I use accented chars in my notes and I remember Evernote did use to cause errors syncing notes with tags that included accented characters, until recent releases. maybe the engine you use still messes up things there? (I am really just an average user, so I might have suggested something silly…)

  2. Jerry


    Thank-you for an enjoyable podcast about developing Evernote 2.0 for Windows Phone Mango. Not a developer, I viewed the webcast as one who is considering the upgrade from WM 6.1 to Windows Phone. (Found your comment interesting about how Mango, has WinMo underneath). Have you moved on from Windows Phone 7 to Android (HTC Incredible). Any plans to further develop Ploze? For WM? For Android?


  3. damian Post author

    Hi Jerry,

    I’m not planning on doing anything more with Ploze, since I need all my focus on Evernote for Windows Phone – sorry!


  4. Bill

    I installed ploze on my windows mobile 6.5 phone but it will not create note or sync with evernote.
    Any suggestions on what I can do to fix it?

    Synchronization error message is – Authenticating Synchronization error: EDAMUserException

    New note error message is
    Null ReferenceException

    at Ziblesplot.NewNoteForm.NewTextNoteForm_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad(EventArgs e)
    …….. etc


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