Elephants love mangoes – a look behind our Windows Phone 7 client

I wrote this article for the Evernote Tech Blog last month, summarizing my experience developing the Windows Phone Evernote client: http://blog.evernote.com/tech/2011/06/28/look-behind-evernote-wp7/

2 thoughts on “Elephants love mangoes – a look behind our Windows Phone 7 client

  1. Axel

    Hello damian,

    still I am only a very interested observer of the WP7 Evernote client. Maybe I am a user soon, too. ( when WP7 and Evernote have better performance – at the moment I still use IOS)
    At least I can see that the Evernote client is quality product from Swizzerland 🙂
    Would you let me know, which WP7 smartphone you are using forWP7 and Evernote?

  2. damian Post author

    Hi Axel,

    I’m using the LG Optimus 7, the HTC Pro 7 and the HTC 7 Trophy.

    The Optimus 7 is running the developer version of the next release of Windows Phone (codenamed Mango).

    The Trophy and the HTC Pro 7 are running Windows Phone 7.0 – the HTC Pro 7 has a physical keyboard, which is good for testing that things work properly when there is a real keyboard.



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