I’m delighted to announce that Chrync 1.1 was recently released.  Chrync syncs your Chrome environment to your Windows Phone.

Version 1.1 adds:

  • Support for syncing Encrypted Bookmarks, etc.
  • Optional support for syncing Passwords
  • The choice of what to sync when logging in
  • Pinning of bookmarks and Folders
  • Sharing of bookmarks
  • Fixes for browser tabs - they should work properly now
  • Searching of bookmarks, recent urls and passwords

Here is a quick (40 second) demo of the new release:

If you like it do leave a review in the marketplace and if you have suggestions as to how to make it better please vote at UserVoice (no registration required).

All About Windows Phone says “…this is a great example of engagement with users and giving them what they want.” and wpcentral says “If you use Chrome and need an easy, straight forward way to sync your bookmarks to your Windows Phone...Chrync is definitely worth a try.