I know, I know … I just extolled the virtues of using tags … however, there is another perspective …

Tags make it super-easy to find notes, however there is a cost. Not in terms of Evernote, it supports you creating more tags than you could possibly need, but in terms of you.

If you use many tags, then each time you create a new note, you’ll need to think about what tags to tag it with, and this can become a burden.  It can act as a brake, making you feel less inclined to use Evernote.

Evernote has such quick and powerful search capabilities that it can be very easy to find your notes even without tags.

I personally use tags a lot, but I know that many people don’t.  If you find that tagging your notes is becoming a pain, and a barrier to using Evernote, consider not using many tags at all … instead just search.

Next up: Find tags and notebooks quickly by filtering them.