So, how did you die? Wearables as the human black box.

Yesterday I gave a presentation at the excellent Mobile Central Europe conference in Warsaw, Poland, on Evernote and wearable devices.

When talking about the convergence of activity monitoring devices and smart watches I voiced a sudden thought.

How long will it be before someone dies of a heart-attack, and we use the health-sensors that are being incorporated into smart wearable devices to at what was happening the moments before they died?

We might then look for the same signs in others and warn them to “Lie down!, lie down!, medical assistance is on its way” … the human equivalent of “terrain!, terain!, pull up” in the cockpit.


1 thought on “So, how did you die? Wearables as the human black box.

  1. Stefan Buttigieg

    Damian, that comment was very important. Imagine if it could be used as evidence in forensic medicine…information during a hospital stay….Lots of opportunity there to make life easier for a lot of people and to gather this data and use it to improve healthcare. Its a pity that the Pebble Smartwatch doesn’t have a microphone.


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