I've had some demand for the source for my simple application that plays BBC Radio inside Media Center.

I thought it might be more valuable if I put together a screencast introducing how I created the application from scratch, although the source is below too.

I assume your are familiar with .NET and C#, and have perhaps browsed through the Media Center documentation a little.  If you are an experienced Media Center developer then move along, move along, there is nothing here to see.

The first screencast walks through the simple application that gets created for you when you create a new Media Center Application.  I show how it works, and how you can build, install, and run it.  It is available to be streamed or downloaded here: http://www.atadore.com/videos/MCBeeb.wmv

The second screencast starts when the first one leaves off, and shows how I modified the initially created application to play BBC Radio.  It is here: http://www.atadore.com/videos/MCBeeb2.wmv

The final project is here.  It isn't quite the same as the BeebMC application (it doesn't load the channels from an XML file, and has no error checking), but feel free to play around with it.

I recorded them in one go quite late on a Saturday night, and I stumbled a couple of times with the terminology - please forgive the occasional mistake.

Hope this is useful! Do let me know.